21 10 2012


Radio personality Kalekye Mumo opens up to Judith Mwobobia about her plus-size curves, a really bad day on the job and the difference between dating a man and seeing one.

Kalekye Mumo is a striking woman, the kind that owns a room the minute she walks in. I struggle to put my finger on her X factor. Is it her confidence, her smile, the way she walks? Then she speaks, and I have it: itโ€™s her voice.

Kalekye Mumo has a voice that commands attention. A laugh that prods one to join in. Maybe that is what makes her such a popular radio queen, I think to myself as she strides through the Lionโ€™s Place reception to meet me.

Kalekye, who has just wrapped up the Kiss 100 FM breakfast show for the day, is dressed in blue jeans, a patternedย  blouse, wedge shoes and simple black jewellery. She certainlyโ€ฆ

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