Presidential Debate : Final Results

13 02 2013

A survey conducted by Ipsos
Synovate Kenya on the just
concluded Presidential debate
which was targeting respondents
from those who watched or
listened to the debate. The survey
was carried out on 12th
February 2013.
Based on the debate, who will
you vote for? Uhuru Kenyatta
40%, Raila Odinga 33%, Peter
Kenneth 7%, Musalia Mudavadi
4%, Martha Karua 2% ,
Undecided 7%
How many people watched? 66%
watched the debate through TV,
34% Radio
Were question asked good? 97%
YES, 2% NO, 1% Not sure.
On Party Politics issue: Raila
Odinga 25%, Uhuru Kenyatta
24%, Peter Kenneth 13%, Martha
Karua 7%
On ICC Issue: Uhuru Kenyatta
25%, Raila Odinga 17%, Paul
Muite 14%, Martha Karua 13%,
Peter Kenneth 7%
On Health Topic: Martha Karua
27%, Uhuru Kenyatta 17%, Raila
Odinga 15%, Peter Kenneth 13%,
Musalia Mudavadi 5%
On Security & Crime topic:
Uhuru Kenyatta 22%, Raila
Odinga 21% Peter Kenneth 14%,
Martha Karua 11%
On Education topic: James Ole
Kiyapi 18%, Uhuru Kenyatta
16%, Peter Kenneth 14% Raila
Odinga 13%. Martha Karua 11%
On Ethnicity issue: Peter Kenneth
23%, Raila Odinga 22%, Uhuru
Kenyatta 12%
Only 50% of Raila Odinga
supporters & 45% of Uhuru
Kenyatta supporters ranked them
best on ethnicity issue.
Based on the survey conducted,
Uhuru Kenyatta converted 3% to
support him, Raila Odinga lost
3% (This is based on those who
watched the Debate)
Beneficiaries of the debate: Peter
Kenneth 8%, Martha Karua 6%
(This is based on candidate
support VS Debate performance)




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