Things to Avoid During The Election Day

3 03 2013

The following are key election
offences that are punishable by law:


Official campaign ends on Saturday
2nd March, 2013 at 6pm.
Candidates and their supporters are
warned its an election offence to
campaign by directly soliciting for
votes or by distributing or
displaying campaign materials
including branded vehicles, attires
or give-aways thereafter.

>>Buying or selling personal
identification documents:

It is an offense to buy or offer to
buy, sell or offer to sell a National
ID or Passport for whatever reasons
including denying the seller or
buyer the right to vote in an

>>Stealing Identification

It is a electoral offence to steal or
illegally possess another person’s
National ID, Passport or any other
identification documents.

>> Possessing or Purporting to
Possess election material without

It is an offence to possess or
pretend to possess without lawful
authority a Register of Voters, ballot
papers or any other election

>>Destroying election material:

Voters must refrain from destroying
posters, ballot papers, ballot boxes,
poll booths and any other material
intended for use during elections.

>>Intimidating Voters:

it is an offence to intimidate or
attempt to intimidate voters to vote
or not to vote for any candidate or

>>Disrupting the electoral process:

Interrupting the normal flow of
voting, counting or tallying of
election results is an offence.

>>Attempting to vote more than

It is an offence to vote or attempt
to vote more than once.




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