Thank You For Supporting Our Jubilee Cause

30 03 2013

On the moment of our long awaited victory, fellow countrymen, let me take this opportunity on behalf of Team Uhuru to thank you for your patriotism and sacrifice.

We waged war in cyberspace, on land, sea and air in the face of overwhelming odds. Your heroism made us win.
Together we have redeemed ourselves and restored dignity to our race. We are unconquered, unbowed,unrepentant; We are men and women worth to be noticed.

My enduring thanks for the heroes and heroines of the cyberspace. That photo you shared. That tweet or facebook update. The likes on the numerous pages we created. I’ve no words to express my gratitude.

We cannot forget the dedication to our cause by the critics and oppornents who kept us on our toes and thus doubles our energy to keep up the pace.

Finally i salute the sacrifice of our inteligent and brilliant legal team led by Senior Counsel Fred Ngatia. These courageous men and women burnt the midnight oil just to ensure that we get nothing short of victory. May God preserve their wisdom.

We have prevailed because of men and women of courage like you. We have a Jubilee Government in place. Today I’m proud to call myself your countryman, your friend, your brother.

Together we have written our history on the sands of time. Even during the darkest hour we have not flinched nor hesitated. We have been to the abyss but in our faith all we saw was the face of The Almighty God. Long Live the Jubilee Unity. Let’s get to work!!

Yours Online Paratrooper

@Kariuki Ama Kariz


U.S. Department of State: Press Statement

9 03 2013

Results of Elections in Kenya

John Kerry
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
March 9, 2013

On behalf of the United States of
America, I want to congratulate the
people of Kenya for voting
peacefully on March 4 and all
those elected to office. Across the
country, Kenyans turned out by the
millions to exercise their most
fundamental democratic right. I am
inspired by the overwhelming
desire of Kenyans to peacefully
make their voices heard, and I
applaud the patience they have
shown as votes were tallied.
Foremost in our minds is a desire
to see the will of the Kenyan
people expressed freely and fairly.
We strongly urge all parties and
their supporters to peacefully
address any disputes with today’s
announcement by the Independent
Electoral and Boundaries
Commission through the Kenyan
legal system, rather than on the
streets. These elections are an
historic opportunity for the people
of Kenya to come together to build
a better future. Since its
independence in 1963, Kenya has
been one of America’s strongest
and most enduring partners in
Africa. We stand with you at this
historic moment and will continue
to be a strong friend and ally of
the Kenyan people.

PRN: 2013/0266